Medicare 2024 Concludes with a Flourish Marking 13 Years of Uninterrupted Healthcare Excellence

In a dazzling display of innovation and healthcare prowess, the 13th edition of Sri Lanka’s esteemed National Healthcare Expo, Medicare 2024 was officially inaugurated on March 01st at the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Memorial Exhibition Center at iconic BMICH. The grand inauguration was attended by Hon. Minister of Health, Dr. Ramesh Pathirana as the chief guest amongst the other distinguished guests.

Medicare 2024 rolled out over three days till the 3rd March, featuring 4 main expos i.e. National Healthcare Expo, Ayurveda & Herbal Expo, Medical Tourism Expo and Healthy Living Expo and featured a number of medical seminars and B2B interaction platforms. The Expo featured over 130 stalls from local and international organisations representing Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment and Hospital sectors and is estimated to have attracted well over 10,000 visitors, both general public and industry stakeholders. Asiri Health was this year’s Medicare Expo’s Main Sponsor.

Dr. Amal Harsha, the Chairperson of the Medicare 2024 Organising Committee and Asia Wellness Forum, exuded pride and pleasure during the inauguration, remarking, “In the past decade, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and all our partners, we have propelled this event to become the epitome of Sri Lanka’s healthcare industry. The global and local acclaim bestowed upon Medicare, coupled with the unwavering support for ‘Medicare 2024’ in challenging times, stands as a testament to our resounding success.”

Medicare 2024 captivated attendees by not only showcasing cutting-edge medical technologies but also providing invaluable pharmaceutical insights, disseminating crucial knowledge on disease prevention and treatment. The event went above and beyond by offering a diverse spectrum of advanced medical services through the participating organisations' stalls. Additionally, the expo played a pivotal role as a vital B2B platform, facilitating meaningful connections between local and international healthcare entities and fostering partnerships that ensure mutual benefit.

Organised by the Asia Wellness Forum in collaboration with Aitken Spence Conventions & Exhibitions with the participation of the Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medicine of Sri Lanka, Medicare 2024 left an indelible mark of success. The organisers extend heartfelt gratitude to all partners and participating organisations for collectively steering the 13th edition of the expo towards unparalleled triumph. The legacy of Medicare continues to flourish, earning both local and international recognition as a trailblazer in the realm of healthcare excellence.