Rs. 10 lakhs Sponsorship for a Kidney Transplant Every Month

Melstacorp Unveils Unprecedented CSR Initiative through Melsta Hospitals Ragama

Melstacorp PLC, one of the largest and most diversified Sri Lankan conglomerates under the leadership of business tycoon Deshamanya Harry Jayawardena, has introduced a groundbreaking Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative through the Urology and Kidney Transplant Center at Melsta Hospitals Ragama - wherein Melstacorp will sponsor 10 lakhs rupees (Rs.1,000,000) every month for a deserving kidney patient undergoing Kidney transplantation at Melsta Hospitals Ragama.

The sponsorship, worth Rs. 10 lakhs, offered to a selected deserving patient every month, can effectively cover over 30% to 35% of the total surgery and related costs. An independent committee will meticulously evaluate and select the most deserving patient each month based on the financial background and the impact of the surgery on the individual and their family. The selected patient will receive sponsorship upon approval by the Ministry of Health to carry out the Transplant according to the Government approved protocol.

Over the recent past, Sri Lanka has witnessed a surge in kidney-related health concerns, leading to an increased demand for kidney transplant surgeries. Unfortunately, the financial burden associated with this complex procedure has made it challenging for many patients to pursue the life-saving treatment, exacerbated by economic conditions impacting government healthcare services.

"Having operated the Urology and Kidney Transplant Center since 2020, we had firsthand understanding of the grave challenges faced by patients in need of kidney transplants. That’s why the leadership of Melstacorp decided to utilize the expertise and resources at our disposal and put forth this unique initiative to help those deserving individuals and their families. It is also well-aligned with Melstacorp’s broad vision of ‘Responsible Diversity’ and resonates well with the mission Melsta Health is set on," said Mr. Sampath Perera, Managing Director of Melstacorp PLC, expressing the organization's commitment to addressing this critical issue.

"The most unique thing about this initiative is that it is not time-bound. As long as Melsta Hospitals Ragama operates its Urology and Kidney Transplant Center, we are committed to providing relief to deserving patients and their families. That means we will be part of one deserving patient’s and his family’s reason for happiness every month. Without a doubt, it is the greatest honor for a corporate organization," said Dr.K. Thiyagarajah Iraivan, Executive Director of Melsta Hospitals Ragama and Director/CEO at Melsta Health.

Since the rebranding in 2020, Melsta Health has invested significantly in upgrading Melsta Hospitals Ragama. The Urology and Kidney Transplant Center, launched as part of this initiative, has garnered acclaim for its advanced facilities, experienced medical staff, and a 100% success rate in kidney surgeries.

“The Urology and Kidney Transplant Center at Melsta Hospitals is one of the most advanced and reputed among such centers in the country. The fact that despite being a regional hospital, thousands of patients from across the country, from Jaffna to Matara, seek the Center’s medical support, is a testimony to our success. Apart from the highly successful Kidney surgeries, the Center is also reputed as the best in class for dialysis, which we offer to patients at the most affordable cost. We are more than pleased to continue the new CSR initiative and further strengthen our mission for the well-being of deserving Sri Lankans out there," said Ms. Roshitta Nirooshan, General Manager, Melsta Hospitals Ragama.

To facilitate inquiries about kidney transplant sponsorships, Melsta Hospitals Ragama has introduced a dedicated hotline 0776 137 142. Interested parties can also visit the hospital or contact Melsta Hospitals during working hours (09.00 AM to 05.00 PM on workdays).