Iraj On Trail Of New Career? Releases New Music Video About Lesbian Lovers

Controversial music video producer Iraj Weeraratne has released a new spicy video. The video contains few lewd shots including two lesbians in action. Titled as "Giniyam Rae", the song is performed by Shermaine Willis featuring Iraj and Kaizer.  It has already exceeded 155,000 views in YouTube.  According to Shermaine’s Facebook page the original song was created two years back.

Rapper Kaizer made headlines for using inappropriate language at a concert recently.

The video is making a sizzling buff in the cyberspace since yesterday. Most are highly critical of the provocative shots of the video. 

Some are predicting that Iraj is to be get his hands on porn movie industry.  Some shared the view that Iraj will have a better career in the field.