I’m Not Restricted To One Music Genre: Ridma Weerawardena

December 20, 2017

There is a quest for tasteful new music in the contemporary Sri Lankan music industry. Without following the trends there are few young artists who are trying to present good music. Among them young talent Ridma Weerawardena is in the front-line.

Fresh breeze to Sri Lankan music, Ridma’s songs Kuweni, Naadagam Geeya, Sandawathiye, Soya Awa, Oba Mage Amma, Sansaraye Maa and Sonduru Siththam have received positive reviews. Ventured with talented artists such as Charitha Attalage, Chandrasena Thalangama and Nandana Wickramage Ridma has managed to bring a fresh touch to Sri Lankan innovative music. Other than his original songs, Ridma has presented some cover songs including a fabulous cover of Pehla Nasha. Ridma, recently launched maiden video of his career with a pledge to change all kinds of stereotypes in Sri Lankan music tradition.

Ridma shared his experience of music career during an interview with Asian Mirror, recently. Born with a flair for music, the young singer said that he will not restrict himself for one music genre and will experiment with new music.