Did You Manage To Track Santa On This Christmas Eve?

December 26, 2017

Despite all the crisis, Christmas spirit was high all around the globe. Its always a great Christmas when you are visited by Santa Claus who is always busy Christmas Eve delivering presents to children around the world. Keeping the magic of Santa Claus alive, each year, The North American Aerospace Defense Command better known as NORAD tracks the flight of Santa Claus, giving live updates to children who want to know in each Christmas Eve.

NORAD has been tracking good old Saint Nicholas's annual trip for more than six decades and this year marked the 62nd year of the heavily popular program run by the U.S. and Canadian militaries. NORAD's tradition of tracking Santa’s progress around the world on Christmas Eve began in 1955, when a boy had dialed a misprinted phone number from a department store advertisement in a local newspaper asking to speak to Santa. https://www.noradsanta.org/

NORAD spotted Santa flying over Sri Lanka too.

Along with first lady Melania Trump, President of USA, Donald Trump took calls from children asking for updates about Santas' travels this year. NORAD's rival Santa tracker, Google Santa Tracker is also allows users to track Santa during Christmas Eve since 2004.