Harshana Dissanayake To Hold His First Solo Concert

December 28, 2017

Visharada Harshana Dissanayake is to hold his first solo concert "Iren HadenHarshana Dissanayake Live In Concert". The concert will take place tomorrow (29 December) at BMICH. Nelu Adikari, Shanika Sumanasekara, Lakshana Lakmini and Amandya Uthpalie will also perform. Four albums containing songs by Harshana also to be launched tomorrow.  

Harshana who is from Dambadeniya got limelight for the famous movie song 'Iren Handen' of 'Sooriya Arana. He received many awards for the song. Harshana is a classically trained musician and is a graduate of Faculty of Visual Art - University of the Visual & Performing Arts.

Here is one of his new songs-