New platform for lyricists in Sri Lanka

A new forum dedicated to lyricists in Sri Lanka is to be formed to bring all songwriters under one umbrella, enabling them to protect their creative rights and work for the welfare of their future endeavours, reports said.
Veteran musician and singer Keerthi Pasqual has taken the initial steps to establish it.
The Annual General Meeting of this forum will be held on July 31 at 9.30 am at the New Town Hall Auditorium in Colombo 7 where the election of office bearers will also take place.
All lyricists ranging from veterans to emerging new generation songwriters can obtain membership on the basis that they have at least one song that has become a hit, one song that has received an award or minimum five songs that have been aired or telecast on the electronic media, a spokesman said.
For more details, call or send SMS message to 0770-212043 or 0718-954214.