Horrifying ‘Sea Monster’ Carcasses Found Washed Up On Philippines Beaches

February 24, 2017

The sea around the Philippines has produced nightmarish sea creatures in recent days, with two bizarre carcasses washing ashore. Locals were left baffled by the horrifying discoveries, though marine experts believe they’ve solved the mystery.

Photos of a 4.5-meter bloodied carcass covered in white hair went viral after washing up on one of the Dinagat Islands in the Philippines on Wednesday.

Curious locals got close enough to the carcass to see what looked a lot like one of Luke Skywalker’s victims.

Officials told local media that “it is likely that the carcass was that of a sea cow, based on skin found near the shore,” reported Science Alert, in an attempt to calm locals ready to arm themselves against an onslaught of monsters readying to attack from the sea.

The alleged “sea cow” wasn’t alone in coming to shore, though, with locals in Agusan del Norte, over 200km from the Dinagat Islands, waking up to find a nightmarishly long serpent-like creature on their beach.

Several meters long and with an eyeball seemingly capable of staring into the human soul, the demonic ocean creature is in fact an oarfish, according to marine experts. The oarfish is rarely seen due to its usually deep residence of up to 1,000 meters under the ocean.

National Geographic reports that the elusive fish has made several appearances in recent weeks in the Philippines. This is usually due to unknown changes in the deep ocean pushing a group of them to the surface, where they can’t handle the different water conditions and die.(RT)