Sri Lankan Police Launch Crackdown On Suspected Lesbians

In an unprecedented turn of events, Sri Lankan Police have launched a crackdown on suspected lesbians across the country.

A suspected lesbian couple had been arrested in Avissawella by Police recently,  after a trishaw driver tipped off the Police station. The couple, according to media reports, were waiting near the bus station. 

Police had detained and interrogated the couple on their alleged "lesbian relationship". 

The move comes amidst calls from multiple non governmental organisations and advocacy groups to review the Sri Lankan government’s rigid stance on gay and lesbian rights.

Although Sri Lanka is yet to legitimise same sex marriages, the country has not passed laws - like some countries in the Middle Eastern region - to penalize gays and lesbians for their sexual orientation.  

However, a spokesman from the Police Media Unit said there were sufficient provisions in the country's legal system to take action against those who behave "indecently" in public. The suspected lesbian couple, the spokesman said,  was taken into custody on those grounds.