Cultural Police In Action! Couples Barred From Entering Colombo Independence Square (VIDEO)

A video shared on social media shows several security officers at the Independence Square in Colombo arguing with a couple in an attempt to evict them from its premises.

"Me and my girlfriend were just sitting and chilling at Independence square and these idiots came and said that it was culturally wrong for a male and female to sit together at a public space. According to these idiots we have to have a child with us to sit together at independence square. I urge all you lovers or couples to go there and do the same. Lets see what these idiots do again", Mirshad Buckman, who shared the video on Facebook said.

According to the exchange seen in the video, it is apparent that the young couple was merely sitting there when the security officials asked them to leave.

The security officials are unable to describe any ‘wrongful act’ made by the couple and claim that they are merely carrying out the orders of the Cultural Affairs Department. Any query regarding the regulation barring couples from sitting together at the Independence Square have to be made to the Department, they say.

The security officers are unable to give a coherent answer when the young woman asks if males and females have to stay separate in public places in Sri Lanka. They once again maintain that the question has to be asked from the Cultural Department.