'Tuk Tuk Scam' Targeting Foreigners Captured On Camera (VIDEO)

A tourist from UK has released a video which apparently shows a tuk tuk scam in Colombo, where two people attempt to lure him in to taking a ride which he is not interested in.

The incident takes place at Fort, Colombo.

One individual starts a conversation with the foreigner and informs him that there was a religious event taking place nearby which could be seen once a year. The event showcases a number of elephants, he adds.

A three wheeler appears and the local man claims that it is a government three wheeler. He shows the state emblem on the number plate as proof of his claim.

However, the foreigner refuses to take the ride to the 'religious event' saying that he has to meet a friend.

The government of Sri Lanka has no three wheeler taxi service.

According to the man who filmed the incident, he was aware of the scam which is in operation in Colombo.

"I read about scammers in Colombo Sri Lanka who lure people that are alone and vulnerable into their Tuk Tuk with the intention to rob them. I read about one girl who was lured into a Tuk Tuk by a man who befriended her on the street and told her it was a special day and there was a big ceremony a short distance away. As he was talking a Tuk Tuk pulled up and the man told her it was a government Tuk Tuk with a meter and was very cheap, he showed her a coin and put it next to the sign on the number plate as proof it was a genuine government Tuk Tuk..The girl fell for the story and got into the Tuk Tuk and was taken to a remote part where she was forced to pay a fare of $100 dollars or be stranded. She paid out of fear. I was testing out my GoPro camera when I was approached by a man who told a similar story I left my camera running and pretended to show some interest. I knew they were scammers from the start. There are no government Tuk Tuks in Sri Lanka" he wrote on youtube.