Supreme Court Shatters Six Year Presidential Term Dream: Says President Sirisena's Term Ends In 2020

The Supreme Court has decided that the duration of President Maithripala  Sirisena's term is five years  

The President's Media Unit confirmed this a short while ago. 

It is learnt that the Supreme Court's decision is based on the provision 49 (b) 1 in the 19th Amendment to the constitution. 

President Sirisena, last week, asked the Supreme Court whether he had any legal impediment to continue in office until 2021 serving a six year term. 

In an interesting turn of events, the Attorney General's Department, last week, argued that the President can continue in office for 6 years.

It is now clear that the Supreme Court has disregarded the Attorney General's Department's argument in favour of the incumbent President.

The Supreme Court's decision means that the incumbent President can only remain in office until 2020. The next Presidential election will have to be announced in November, 2019.