SLC Explains Sumathipala's Presence In Dubai: Says "Immediate Past President" Was Among Those Who Attended Meetings With ICC Officials

Sri Lanka Cricket today issued a statement saying its former President Thilanga Sumathipala did not attend the ICC board meeting in Dubai. 

The SLC statement said only Shammi Silva, the newly-elected SLC President and a close ally of Sumathipala, attended the ICC board meeting while others attended a series of other discussions with ICC officials. 

However, SLC admitted that its immediate Past President Thilanga Sumathipala was also among those who met ICC officials. 

Strangely, according to the governing structure of Sri Lanka Cricket, the immediate Past President is not an officially recognized post. In that context, many questions have been raised about Sumathipala's presence in Dubai. 

A team backed by Sumathipala secured all major positions in Sri Lanka's cricket administration at a hotly-contested election last month. 

Sumathipala, however, was not able to run for the SLC Presidency due to his interests in the gambling business.