Namal Says Budget Proposals Are "Very Attractive": Asks Why The Government Did Not Come With The Same Proposals 4 Years Ago

Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa indirectly praised the budget of the UNP-led government saying its proposals are "very attractive."

He also asked why the same government could not come with the same proposals four years ago. 

"Very attractive proposals presented in the 2019 budget. Question is, how can this Govt. who’s lifespan is only 6 months can implement it within that period? Why weren’t these proposals brought forward in the last 4 years? what can we expect from an incompetent Government?" Rajapaksa tweeted. 

Meanwhile, the budget also received praise from leading ruling party members, including Minister Sagala Ratnayaka. 

"A well-balanced budget that ensures inclusive and sustainable development. Also strengthens higher education and tourism sectors while encouraging more women into the labour force. Glad to see a host of progressive measures that will drive the country forward," Minister Ratnayaka tweeted. 

Non-Cabinet Minister Harsha de Silva, however, said the budget could have focused a "bit more" on the middle class. 

"Nice focus on youth, gender, skill development, innovation, entrepreneurship, housing, and also fixing salary anomalies. Wish we had a bit more for the middle class. Good investment incentives," de Silva said.