Sajith Apologises Over His Statement On Possible Treatments To COVID19: Says Statement Came From "Profound Enthusiasm For Eradication Programme"

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa has apologised to the public over his erroneous remarks on treatments to COVID-19 patients.

Premadasa, in a video statement, yesterday said "Plaquenil" is of higher quality than hydroxychloroquine - a drug that he proposed as a potential treatment to COVID-19.

However, Premadas's statement came under severe criticism from medical professionals who pointed out that Plaquenil was a brand name for hydroxychloroquine.

"Due to my profound enthusiasm for the eradication program, if I had made any incorrect or misleading statements regarding this issue, I take this opportunity to profusely apologize to all who may have been impacted by my statement," Premadasa tweeted, a short while ago.

"Let us all unite to mobilize all our energies to eradicate this disease, may the blessings of the noble triple gem be bestowed upon you all," he added.