Mahinda Responds to Allegations on Uma Oya Project: Rubishes Corruption Claims and Says Uma Oya Will be a Key Contributor to Power Generation

February 13, 2024

Responding to the allegations made by the NPP over the Uma Oya project, Former President Mahinda Rajapaksas stated that the 120 MW hydropower plant project is slated to commence operations this month, marking a major milestone in Sri Lanka's energy landscape.

"Once operational, the Uma Oya hydropower plant will rank among the largest in the country," Rajapaksa said emphasizing the critical role the Uma Oya project will play in providing Sri Lanka with a much-needed source of low-cost electricity. Notably, he highlighted the project's bipartisan support, noting that even the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP), typically an anti-establishment entity, has contributed positively to its realization.

Rajapaksa also addressed criticisms surrounding the project's implementation, asserting that despite decades of discussion and planning, it was during his tenure as President that significant progress was made. He dismissed allegations of corruption and emphasized the importance of infrastructure projects in driving national development.

The Uma Oya project, initiated to address water scarcity in the southeastern dry zone, has been in the works for over five decades.