Sri Lanka Customs Unions Initiate Work-to-Rule Action, Strike Could Lead to a Shortfall of Rs. 3 Billion in Revenue

February 15, 2024

Sri Lanka's Customs Unions have commenced a work-to-rule trade union action, citing grievances regarding administrative practices within the customs department. The unions are demanding reforms in recruitment procedures, promotions, and the implementation of fingerprint attendance systems.

The initiation of this industrial action raises concerns about potential disruptions to the supply chain, as customs officials play a vital role in facilitating the import and export of goods. If the action persists, it could result in shortages of essential commodities and cause significant delays in daily government revenue collection.

Analysts estimate that the ongoing work-to-rule action could lead to a shortfall of up to Rs. 3 billion in government revenue collection, posing a substantial challenge to the country's economy. The disruption in customs operations may also affect businesses reliant on timely clearance of goods, potentially leading to financial losses and operational hurdles.