Revelations of Mismanagement of Money Rock Maligaknada Magistrate's Court: Former Health Minister's Signature Under Scrutiny Amid Allegations of Procurement Irregularities

February 16, 2024

During yesterday's court hearing at Maligaknada Magistrate's Court, Deputy Solicitor General Mrs. Lakmini Girihagama revealed startling details regarding the alleged mismanagement of funds and procurement irregularities within the health sector. It was disclosed that Rs. 14.5 million intended for the purchase of oxygen was instead given to a supplier to acquire substandard human immunoglobulin injections.

Judge Lochani Abeywickrama ordered a thorough examination of former Health Minister Keheliya Rambukwella's signatures on cabinet memoranda and related documents, indicating a potential discrepancy in the procurement process.

The courtroom saw a dramatic moment when Dr. Kapila Wickramanayake, Director of the Medical Supply Unit, currently hospitalized at Colombo National Hospital, was transported to court via ambulance for questioning regarding the incident.

Meanwhile, a report from the Prison Hospital Superintendent highlighted Rambukwella's medical condition, preventing his physical presence in court proceedings.

Despite his absence, the case proceeded, with investigations led by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) delving into why Rambukwella allegedly pushed for the relaxation of restrictions and initiated emergency procurement processes, purportedly risking the integrity of the country's health sector.