Female Accomplice of Notorious Drug Trafficker 'Kudu Salindu' Apprehended

February 19, 2024

The Walana Anti-Vice Unit has apprehended a key associate of the notorious underworld figure and drug trafficker, 'Kudu Salindu'. The suspect, identified under the alias 'Patta', was arrested on Sunday, February 18th.

'Patta' is the sister-in-law of 'Asitha', who is allegedly the mastermind behind the drug operations of Salindu Malshika Gunaratne, notoriously known as 'Kudu Salindu', based in Dubai. The arrest took place in Panadura, where 'Patta' was found in possession of 10 grams of heroin and over Rs. 2 million in cash.

Police records reveal that she is currently embroiled in two other court cases related to heroin possession. Additionally, her sister and father are also under police custody facing similar charges, indicating the family's deep involvement in illicit drug activities.