International Atomic Energy Expert Stresses Need for Legal Framework Prior to Nuclear Energy Project in SriNilanka

February 20, 2024


Dr. Halil Avci an expert consultant of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), emphasized the critical importance of establishing a robust legal framework before embarking on any nuclear energy projects in the country.

Avci's remarks came during a special gathering attended by local environment authorities and atomic energy officials, organized to discuss the feasibility of adopting nuclear power generation in Sri Lanka.

Avci underscored the complex array of factors that must be meticulously evaluated prior to initiating nuclear energy endeavors, emphasizing that the first step should be the development of a comprehensive legal foundation.

"A country has to first decide whether it is to adopt nuclear power generation projects and consider various environment and other factors. But if they do then there should be a firm legal background," Avci stated, as conveyed by a spokesperson from the Central Environment Authority (CEA).

The forum, aimed at raising awareness on the intricacies involved in conducting environment feasibility studies for nuclear power generation projects, witnessed the participation of prominent figures from both the environment and atomic energy sectors. Among the attendees were CEA chairman Venura Fernando, Atomic Energy Authority chairman Prof. S.R.D. Rosa, and CEA Director General P.B. Hemantha Jayasinghe, alongside officials representing 17 stakeholders in the field.