National Water Supply and Drainage Board to Construct Salinity Barrier Amid Dwindling Water Levels

February 20, 2024


In response to alarming declines in water levels attributed to prolonged dry weather, the National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) has unveiled plans to erect a salinity barrier across the Kelani River.

This move aims to mitigate the impact of diminishing water resources on Sri Lanka's water supply.

Deputy General Manager Engineer Anoja Kaluarachchi confirmed that "preliminary work" on the barrier has commenced. She emphasized that the current water distribution system will remain operational, utilizing existing water capacity until the barrier's completion.

The decision to construct the salinity barrier follows growing apprehensions about the sustainability of water sources amidst the persisting dry spell.

Kaluarachchi highlighted the surge in water consumption attributed to these adverse weather conditions, prompting the NWSDB to issue a fervent plea for consumers to exercise restraint and conserve water resources.