Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Urges Indian PM Modi to Secure Release of Detained Fishermen by Sri Lanka Navy 

February 20, 2024


Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin has appealed to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene urgently in ensuring the release and repatriation of Tamil Nadu fishermen who have been apprehended by the Sri Lankan Navy. In a plea made on Sunday (18 Feb.), Stalin expressed deep concern over the plight of these fishermen, emphasizing their status as both Tamils and proud Indians.

Stalin took to 'X' (formerly Twitter) to convey his message, stating, "These fishermen are not only Tamils but also proud Indians. The continued detention of Tamil Nadu fishermen by the Sri Lankan Navy is deeply distressing and a major matter of concern."

Highlighting a recent surge in arrests, the Chief Minister underscored the gravity of the situation, particularly in the past two days. He lamented the characterization of the fishermen as habitual offenders, which has led to their prolonged detention, posing a severe threat to their livelihood.

Moreover, Stalin raised alarm over the impounding of several costly mechanized boats by the Sri Lankan Navy, adding that these impounded boats have been nationalized by the Sri Lankan government, exacerbating the economic hardships faced by the affected fishermen.