Notorious Criminal 'Welivita Sudda' Apprehended in Kaduwela: Police Seize Drugs and Pursue Murder, Firearms Allegations

February 22, 2024

Sri Lanka Police have successfully apprehended a prominent member of an organized criminal group, known locally as 'Welivita Sudda', in the Kaduwela area.

The suspect, identified as a 47-year-old male, was captured at a residential property concealed within the Welivita vicinity of Kaduwela. This arrest comes as a result of extensive police efforts to dismantle criminal networks operating in the region.

Upon conducting a search following his apprehension, authorities discovered approximately 15 grams and 300 milligrams of a substance suspected to be 'Ice', a highly potent form of methamphetamine. This find underscores the gravity of the suspect's alleged involvement in illicit drug trafficking activities.

in addition to the drug-related charges, the individual is facing serious accusations concerning murder and illegal possession of firearms. These allegations paint a disturbing picture of the suspect's purported criminal activities, suggesting involvement in a range of violent and unlawful conduct.