State Minister Chamara Sampatrh Urges Government to Lower Special Arrack Prices Ahead of New Year Festivities

February 22, 2024

State Minister Chamara Sampath has appealed to the government to slash the price of special arrack, locally known as Gal arrack, ahead of the upcoming New Year celebrations to ease the burden on consumers.

Sampath proposed a significant reduction in the price of a bottle of special arrack, suggesting it be lowered to Rs. 1,500 to make it more accessible to the public.

Highlighting the financial strain faced by many amid rising living costs, Sampath emphasized the need for measures to alleviate the financial burden on citizens, particularly during festive seasons. He argued that reducing the price of special arrack would contribute to affordability and ensure that more people could partake in traditional celebrations without excessive financial strain.

However, Sampath's proposal comes amidst concerning revelations from the excise department's financial reports. Despite implementing multiple tax hikes totaling over 40% in the past year, the department has not witnessed an increase in tax revenue. This stagnation in revenue is attributed to a significant decline in sales, raising questions about the effectiveness of recent tax policies in generating additional government income.