Money Laundering Charges Against Piumi Hansamali: Actress Responds to Allegations and Hits Out at Activist Who Lodged Police Complaint


Sanjay Mahawatta, Chairman of the Magen Ratata organization, has filed a complaint with the Illegal Assets Investigation Division of the Police, urging an inquiry into the ownership of a Range Rover formerly used by ex-President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. The vehicle is now purportedly owned by model and actress Piumi Hansamali.

Expressing concern over potential money laundering ahead of the upcoming elections, Mahawatta highlighted the influx of black money into political campaigns. He raised suspicions about Hansamali's acquisition of the Range Rover (CBH 1949), once in Rajapaksa's possession, suggesting a possible link to the laundering of politicians' illicit funds.

Mahawatta emphasized the stark contrast between Hansamali's current lavish lifestyle and her absence from recent television appearances. He drew comparisons with individuals in other professions, such as cosmetics sales, suggesting discrepancies in their respective lifestyles. He urged authorities to swiftly investigate the matter to ensure transparency and accountability.

In response to these allegations, Piumi Hansamali has spoken out, refuting the claims of involvement in any illicit activities. She maintains her innocence and asserts that her lifestyle is a result of her hard work and legitimate earnings. Hamnsamali said a man who could not even walk straight had lodged a complaint against her. She alleged that Mahawatte lodged the complaint after receiving a gift of Rs. 50,000 from a third party.