KSPA Embilipitiya Paper Mill Reopens After a Decade, Boosting Sri Lanka’s Industrial Paper Manufacturing


After a hiatus of ten years, the KSPA Embilipitiya Paper Mill has resumed operations, marking a significant milestone in Sri Lanka's industrial landscape. In an inauguration ceremony led by Sabaragamuwa Province Governor Navin Dissanayake on Thursday (Apr 18), the mill, under the stewardship of Korean SPA Packaging (Pvt.) Ltd. (KSPA), reopened its doors.

The revival of this paper mill, belonging to the National Paper Company Limited, signifies a pivotal moment for the nation's self-sufficiency in industrial paper manufacturing. The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI) hailed the development as a crucial step towards conserving foreign exchange reserves.

Originally established in 1978, the mill encountered operational setbacks in 2003, followed by a brief revival in 2011 before ceasing operations again in 2012. However, in 2022, KSPA entered into a partnership with the BOI to revitalize the defunct mill, pledging an initial investment of USD 16 million.

With a focus on upgrading machinery and infrastructure, the project aims to produce industrial-grade papers for both domestic and international markets, contributing to Sri Lanka's export potential. The resurrection of the Embilipitiya Paper Mill stands as a testament to the efficacy of public-private partnerships in fostering economic growth and revitalizing vital sectors of the economy.