Swarnavahini's Claim of Credit for Arrest of Hulftsdorp Street Food Vendor Amid Social Media Uproar Sparks Controversy

Amidst a social media storm surrounding the arrest of a man accused of harassing a foreign YouTuber at a food court in Aluthkade, Swarnavahini, a prominent TV station,  has come under criticism for claiming credit for the efforts of others.

The controversy erupted after Swarnavahini asserted that the police spokesperson had thanked them for exposing the harassment incident, which led to the arrest of the alleged perpetrator by the Keselwatte Police.

However, the veracity of this claim has been called into question, as the incident initially broke on social media platforms nearly a week prior to Swarnavahini's coverage. It is widely known that the electronic media often picks up stories from social media sources.

This discrepancy has raised eyebrows and prompted speculation about Swarnavahini's motives in taking credit for the incident. Critics have pointed out that the police spokesperson's alleged gratitude towards Swarnavahini may be based on misinformation or a misunderstanding of the sequence of events.

Moreover, the incident has sparked debate about the role of traditional media outlets in the age of social media, with Digital Journalist Manjula Basnayake questioning on 'X' whether the police spokesperson was unaware of the incident's origins on social media platforms.