Astrologer Chandrasiri Bandara passess away

The astrologer who famously vowed to end his life if Mahinda Rajapaksa failed to secure victory in the 2015 elections has passed away.

Chandrasiri Bandara, aged 63, succumbed to his ailment while receiving medical care in a private hospital, as confirmed by his family members.

Bandara's notable declaration stirred up the political landscape during the contentious 2015 election cycle when Mahinda Rajapaksa faced a bid for re-election. The astrologer's fervent allegiance to Rajapaksa led him to make a public proclamation that if Rajapaksa did not prevail, he would take his own life.

However, the political tides turned, and Rajapaksa's reign came to an end in 2015. Despite his previous fervor, Bandara later expressed regret over his bold assertion.