Sri Lanka Navy Conducts Successful Rescue Operation


the Sri Lanka Navy executed a swift rescue operation to aid an injured foreign national aboard the Merchant Vessel MARIMAN. The incident occurred off the southern coast of Sri Lanka on the night of April 19th, prompting an urgent response from the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) Colombo.

The injured crew member, hailing from a foreign country, sustained two cut injuries to his left hand while the MV MARIMAN was en route from Indonesia to Mumbai, India. Following a distress call to MRCC Colombo, the Sri Lanka Navy deployed the Fast Attack Craft P 411 from the Southern Naval Command to the designated sea area.

With precision and urgency, the Navy safely transferred the injured mariner from the Merchant Vessel to the naval craft and swiftly transported him to the port of Hambantota. En route, first aid was administered to stabilize his condition. Upon arrival at Hambantota on April 20th, the patient was promptly transferred to a private hospital in Matara for further medical attention.