Victims of Crash During 'Fox Hill Super Cross' Identified


Tragedy struck during the 'Fox Hill Super Cross 2024' racing event in Diyatalawa on Sunday (21), claiming the lives of seven individuals, including a child, with 23 others injured. Among the deceased were four event officials serving as flag marshals and civilians attending as spectators, as confirmed by police reports.

The victims were identified as follows:
- Shivakumar Dhanushika, 8 years old
- Muththusamy Udayakumar, 55 years old, from Welimada
- Chamath Niroshan, 19 years old, from Seeduwa
- Ashen Heenatigala, 20 years old, from Akuressa
- Rasika Abeynaike, 32 years old
- Aruna Shantha Upaligamage, 62 years old, from Matara
- Ganesh Kamalanath, from Matara

Rasika Abeynaike, a member of the Sri Lanka Army rugby team, was among the spectators and was on leave from duty at Salawa Army Camp in Kosgama. His final rites will be held in Galaha, Kandy. Ganesh Kamalanath and Aruna Shantha, both fathers, were close friends from Matara. Ashen Heenatigala, awaiting A/L results, was a former student of Rahula College in Matara.

The incident occurred when a race car veered off track, colliding with spectators, according to Police Media Spokesman DIG Nihal Thalduwa. The event has been temporarily suspended, with investigations ongoing by Diyatalawa Police and the Sri Lanka Army.

The 'Fox Hill Super Cross 2024' marked its 28th edition, organized by the Sri Lanka Military Academy Diyatalawa in collaboration with Sri Lanka Automobile Sports (SLAS), after a five-year hiatus following the 2019 Easter Sunday terror attacks.