Substandard Rice Stocks Disrupt School Meals Program, Allegations by PHIs


The Public Health Inspectors’ Union has alleged that rice stocks designated for the school meals program have been found to be substandard. President of the association, Upul Rohana, cited insect damage rendering the rice unfit for consumption.

The rice, stored in a government warehouse in Veyangoda, was intended for the school meals program, in collaboration with the World Food Programme (WFP), providing free nutritious lunches for schoolchildren.

In response to mounting complaints about the rice quality, the release of stocks from the warehouse has been temporarily halted. Over 1,000 rice samples have been collected by Public Health Inspectors from the Veyangoda MOH for analysis by the Government Analyst.

According to Mr. Rohana, the Government Analyst’s report revealed that over 50% of the samples were damaged by insects, raising serious concerns about its suitability for human consumption. As a precautionary measure, rice distribution to schools from the warehouse has been suspended until further notice.