Two Dead in Police Shooting Incident in Moragahahena

Two individuals lost their lives in a police shooting incident near the Meegoda - Delketiya junction. The Sri Lanka Police Media Division reported that the officers resorted to firing at a three-wheeler that failed to halt at a checkpoint despite repeated orders.

At approximately 1:50 AM, the confrontation unfolded when the three-wheeler, upon being signaled to stop, instead slowed down before its occupants allegedly opened fire at the police, fleeing towards Moragahahena. Promptly notified, the Moragahahena Police initiated a response, aided by officers from the Colombo South Crimes Division who happened to be present at the scene for an unrelated inquiry.

Despite efforts to intercept the fleeing vehicle, it persisted in its attempt to evade capture, eventually coming to a halt near the Tyre Factory on Meepe Road in Moragahahena. In the ensuing exchange of gunfire, two individuals sustained fatal injuries, while another managed to escape the scene.

The deceased, identified as 42 and 35-year-old males from Thanamalvila, succumbed to their injuries upon admission to the hospital. Additionally, a firearm was recovered from the three-wheeler, adding further complexity to the ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.