Police Complaint Lodged Against Popular Author Upul Shantha Sannasgala Over Alleged Fraud of Rs. 1 Million

Allegations of financial misconduct have surfaced against renowned teacher and author Upul Shantha Sannasgala, as a police complaint has been lodged against him for an alleged fraud amounting to Rs. 1 million. The complaint, filed by an individual named Nuwan Pradeep, accuses Sannasgala of failing to produce a promised movie after receiving the substantial sum of money.

According to Pradeep, he entrusted Sannasgala with Rs. 1 million for the production of a movie, but despite repeated inquiries, neither the movie materialized nor was his money returned. Allegations suggest that Sannasgala has remained unresponsive to Pradeep's requests for the return of his funds, prompting him to take legal action.

The complaint has been formally lodged with the Kandana police station, signaling the commencement of a legal investigation into the matter.