Notice to General Public on Recent Financial Scams



In a recent joint statement, the Sri Lanka Banks’ Association, LankaPay, and FinCSIRT have raised concerns over a series of financial fraud incidents, both globally and within Sri Lanka. The scams, cleverly disguised as enticing online offers, often lead mobile device users to unwittingly click on unknown links, ultimately resulting in the download of malicious apps and files.

Once installed, these fraudulent applications grant scammers remote access to the victim's mobile device, providing them unrestricted control. Subsequently, the fraudsters exploit this access to infiltrate bank and payment applications, leading to unauthorized withdrawals and transactions from affected accounts.

To combat such threats, the public is urged to exercise increased vigilance and adhere to preventative measures. Key guidelines include avoiding unrealistic online deals, refraining from downloading apps or files from unfamiliar sources, and regularly reviewing app permissions to limit potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, utilizing biometric authentication for accessing sensitive applications and staying updated with reputable antivirus software are recommended.

Furthermore, the public is advised to remain cautious of messages soliciting personal or financial information and to promptly report any suspicious activity. Security warnings issued by FinCSIRT, banks, and financial institutions should be heeded, with recommended precautions followed diligently.

The statement emphasizes the importance of awareness and vigilance in safeguarding against financial scams, urging the public to stay informed and vigilant.