CJ Commends The Man Who Urged The Court To Appoint Him As Executive President

December 04, 2014

Chief Justice Mohan Peiris today commended the efforts of Rathna Bandara,  Leader of the National Sinhalese Buddhist People’s Party, who urged the court to appoint him as the President of Sri Lanka, with immediate effect.

The matter was taken up before the Chief Justice this morning when he filed a motion with the Supreme Court – pertaining to the 18th amendment and the presidency of Sri Lanka.

He previously filed a writ petition in Court of Appeal urging the court to declare President Mahinda Rajapaksa had intentionally violated the constitution of the country by enacting 18th amendment to the constitution without having a referendum. However, the petition was dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

The petitioner stated that owing to the absence of a referendum the incumbent president is disqualified to remain in office, and therefore should be removed from his position with immediate effect.

He stated the court should appoint someone to take over the duties as the President of Sri Lanka. As per the constitution, the petitioner said, the next in line should be the Prime Minister and the speaker respectively. However,the petitioner stated that they too had supported the "illegitimate"18th amendment and are disqualified for the office of President. The next candidate for the post is the opposition leader but he too is disqualified as the opposition leader is pushing for the abolition of Executive Presidency.

When the matter was taken before the Supreme Court this morning, Bandara said he was making these efforts not r himself but for the people of Sri Lanka. He said he wanted to see a better future for the country and for the generations to come.

While commending his efforts and ambitions, Chief Justice Mohan Periris dismissed his motion onn the grounds that it had no legal basis.


However, speaking to reporters outside the courts premises,Rathna Bandara said he would take this matter before the International Court of Justice.