Ranil Says Sirasa TV Violated His Rights And Privileges As PM

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe today said that Sirasa TV was trying to violate  rights and privilages belong to him as the PM of the country.
Addressing the Parliament today he asked from the Speaker to launch an immediate  investigation and check whether there were any action can be taken against Sirasa TV.
Wickremasinghe further said that he gave the  very first interview after appointing as the Prime Minister to Hiru TV according to the channel's request. 
"I hope to take part in interviews with other television or radio channels if they request" PM added.
Few days ago a presenter who handle a 'discussion' type programme in Sirasa TV directly asked if there were any direct connections between the PM and Member of Parliament Duminda Silva. The presenter further said that there was a secret 'deal' between Wickremasinghe and Hiru TV.
Meanwhile again a presenter from Sirasa TV has asked the same question from the minister Rajitha Senarathne, Ranil Wickremasinghe asserted.