Websites and Channels Are Dictating Terms To Us On Peace : MR

President Mahinda Rajapaksa today said some websites and channels are dictating terms to Sri Lanka on how peace should be achieved in Sri Lanka. 

"We are not ready to deliver what they want. We. as Sri Lankans, will achieve peace in our way," the President said addressing the 'Convention of National Unity' which was held at BMICH, Colombo. It was President Rajapaksa's first speech after the US backed resolution on Sri Lanka was adopted by the UNHRC. The event was organized by the Ministry of National Languages and Social Integration, under the guidance of Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara.

"Those who speak of peace today have forgotten how we achieved peace. In some countries, some groups are not even allowed to possess a statue of their religious leaders. Sri Lanka never resorted to such methods. We have a great history of religious tolerance. We will continue with the same practices," the President added.

He also added that measures have already been taken to ensure language equality among the Sinhalese and Tamil communities in Sri Lanka. He also stressed that some external elements are instigating various artificial issues in the country to destabilize the present administration.

The event, which was organized with the objective of providing a forum to build a positive and productive dialogue under the national policy framework for social integration launched by the ministry in 2012, to protect the rights and responsibilities of individuals and the duties of the state to enhance social justice and inclusion. 

The convention also launched a charter emphasizing the need of enhancing national unity among various ethnic and religious groups in the country.