Weeratunga Instructs State Officials To Respond To Politicians' Calls

Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga, in a letter to key state officials, claim that they should respond favourably to requests made by "people's representatives" i.e., Ministers, Parliamentarians, Provincial Council and PS members. 

The letter has been sent to ministry secretaries, heads of state departments, government corporations and statutory bodies.

The Presidential Secretary assert that government officials generally disregard such requests thinking they would amount to political interference. 

Weeratunga also states that the President has received a number of complaints on instances where state officials have flatly disregarded various requests made by representatives of the people. He also says that state officials are obliged to respond to requests made by politicians on behalf of the people they represent. 

If such requests are on recruitment, the Presidential Secretary says, state officials should explain the real situation to politicians. He also adds that no one should be allowed to circumvent accepted recruitment procedures.