German Volunteer Steps Up To Protect Hikka Corals

February 28, 2017

Hikkaduwa coral reef is one of the most beautiful coral reefs in Sri Lanka. Generally recognized as Hikkaduwa National Park, the reef is first marine national park in Sri Lanka. It contains a fringing coral reef of high degree of biodiversity. The tourist hotspot is under immense threat of natural and human activities. Beautiful Hikkaduwa corals were significantly damaged by the Boxing Day tsunami 2004.

As the government and locals pay little attention to protect the reef, a German national has stepped into protect and preserve the Hikkaduwa coral reef. Ryan, an individual from Germany, comes to Sri Lanka in every summer to breed and reconstruct the reef since 2012. He has already constructed 21 perches of coral reef, by himself.

Ridma Hewavitharana, who posted about this amazing person in Facebook, met Ryan while snorkeling in Hikkaduwa. According to him, Ryan wants to continue this great work till his death. Mr. Hewavitharana emphasized that Ryan does not seek any monetary contribution. But he gladly welcomes practical participation to breed and reconstruct the beloved coral reef.