Manchester City Ranked As The World's Most Financially Powerful Club

Both at home and abroad, Manchester City have swept all before them this season. Pep Guardiola's side have scored 78 goals in 28 games in the English Premier League and the Champions League -- an average of nearly three goals a match -- and have lost just once. They've done so playing a thrilling brand of football that has fans and pundits cooing with delight.

If City has become accustomed to breaking records on the pitch this season, the Premier League side is now also dominating off the field, according to a new football finance report.
In a study conducted by Soccerex -- organizers of the world's biggest football finance forum -- City were deemed the world's most financially powerful club, beating traditional powerhouses like Real Madrid, Barcelona and cross-city rivals Manchester United.

David Wright, Soccerex Marketing Director, said the company's first study into football finance highlighted how the football landscape has changed globally over the last two decades.
"We wanted to create a study that provided a broader evaluation of football finances, one that reflected the modern reality of football, impacted by increased owner investment and the need for better financial management," Wright said in a statement. "The results have certainly been eye-catching."