Logistics International Limited Commissions Container Handling Equipment With Kalmar

With Colombo becoming a growing maritime hub and the need for more efficiency in container handling, Logistics International Limited (LIL) recently automated their container depot with a brand new Double Container Handler, making it the only facility in Colombo with such technology.

The commissioning of this brand new Kalmar double stacker solution DCF100-45E6 enables LIL to increase the productivity of their container depot in Welisara. As a prominent manufacturer of global cargo handling equipment, the Kalmar state-of-the-art technology is capable of meeting the requirements of the increasing global clientele of LIL. This specific model of machinery is built with fully wielded steel profiles and has the ability to handle two containers each time in a precise and safe manner, ensuring operational efficiency.

“We take pride in our ability to understand the requirement of the market and be versatile. In line with the Group’s core values, we believe the purchase of this type of machinery has paved the way for LIL to represent reliability, quality and an efficient service, bringing us closer to the changing needs of our global clientele and the fast paced international maritime arena,” said Mr. Janitha Jayanetti, Director of Logistics International Limited.

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