Tradition: Survival Of A Soul With Scars

In a heavily commercialized world artistic traditions are entitled to be declined. Making the humanity its best, some rare souls still try to protect them. That is a one rare species. Short films, which is not treated same as its big brother full length motion films. Lanka Bandaranayake baring the crusade presents her maiden voyage "Tradition". Lanka, who started her career as a dancer has already conquered the stage.

The "Tradition" contains a story of a young bride who remembers her painful past and reflects the inner dilemma of contemporary women who struggle to survive in a male dominated society. The movie is graced with exceptional cast including Irangani Serasinghe, Kalum Gamlath, Sameera Lakmal, Nilanka Dahanayaka, Arunod Wijesinha, Kalana Jayanath, Anjana Premarathna and Rajeev Ananda.

"Tradition" earned its place at most prestigious Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. The movie won several prices at "Euro Kino" Czech International Independent Film Festival 2017 as well. 

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