Was Thajudeen Aware Of His Death On The Fateful Night? Phone Records To Give Crucial Evidence

December 13, 2015

The CCTV footage with regard to Wasim Thajudeen's death- which is currently being examined by the University of Colombo School of Computing - shows a car similar to that of Thajudeen’s being followed by a few vehicles. 

"The CCTV footage cshowed Thajudeen’s vehicle trying to avoid the chasers. His efforts did not bear fruit escape routes were blocked by the vehicles of the chasers," a highly placed Police sources told Asian  Mirror.

"This meant Thajudeen was aware of the threats to his life, soon before his death.Probably he may have called his friends or parties close to him to inform them about followers. That is why the CID sought court's intervenntion to analyse his phone records," he added.

The Police sources said the video footage was taken from CCTV cameras at the Kirulapona junction. 

 However, the CID informed the Colombo Additional Magistrate that the number plates and the people who were inside the vehicle were not clearly visible and the UCSC was in the process of identifying the number plates of the vehicles.

The UCSC is expected to give a report to the Colombo Additional Magistrate on the CCTV footage in two weeks.

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