SLFP Central Committee To Meet: 'Joint Opposition' Face Possible Crackdown Following Kirulapone Rally

The SLFP Central Committee is likely to meet in the coming days to take a decision on the party members who took part in the 'Joint Opposition' May Day rally in Kirulapone, informed party sources said.

SLFP seniors in the Maithri camp have expressed their displeasure at the action of SLFP members who participated at the Kirulapone rally, when the party had organized a rally in Galle.

Members of the SLFP had been informed in advance that disciplinary action will be taken against them if they took part in a rally other than the May Day rally in Galle.

Speaking to Asian Mirror, however, a senior Parliamentarian said dates were not yet fixed for the Central Committee meeting. "However, I can say that a special Central Committee meeting is imminent," he added. 

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and a number of other MPs were among the participants at the Kirulapone rally, despite the warning given by the party. Around 47 UPFA MPs, including members of the SLFP, were among the participants of the Kirulapone rally.

Before the May Day event, the SLFP Central Committee sent a letter to all party members urging them to attend the party's May Day rally in Galle. 

However, according to informed party sources, the letter did not explicitly say whether disciplinary action would be taken if they failed to attend the party's official May Day event. 

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