To keep tabs on…

November 16, 2016

One of the VERY important proposals of the recently uncovered Budget is to grant “tabs” to A-level students and teachers. The aim of this “vital” idea may be to help students and teachers – who have hitherto limited their study focus only to the books given free of charge by the government for each subject – to gain a broader knowledge, related to the subjects offered.

Thus, they would be able to browse the Internet and gain background material etc that will help them gain extensive understanding about their particular subjects. Teachers would also be helped by the Internet to find extra material for their task of teaching.   

The mood created by this “fantastic” Budget proposal seems to be palatable to everyone.

But when the tab [bill] for browsing the Internet arrives after each month, the mood will be different! The reaction of the parents, especially of the middle class, who depend on a meagre salary for their daily needs, will be a mixture of anger, disgust and protest.

Although the tab is given free of charge, as they say, another Budget proposal increases the charge for gaining access to the Internet by 25 percent.

It is like calling someone in a very loving manner and later giving them a thundering slap!

The other very pertinent question is, if by some means parents are able to pay the Internet bill, will they be able to keep tabs on whether their progeny are browsing the Internet solely for knowledge or for other unholy activities. Will the authorities who will be giving these TABS would also show these students the way to access unholy websites?

All that we have to say is that all these antics show the inexperience and the cloistered upbringing of these so-called economic geniuses.

Friends, Sri Lankans, countrymen,  please ask these “honourable” morons to come down to earth!



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