Park Street Mews Puts A 'Vettu' To The Common Opposition

November 16, 2014

Park Street Mews has put a 'vettu' to the parties of the common opposition with an eleventh hour cancellation of  a reservation made by them for a ceremony to mark the signing of agreement to form a common opposition alliance against the  government.

The ceremony was scheduled to take place at Park Street Mews on Monday with the participation of representatives from political parties of the opposition and civil organizations.

However, at the eleventh hour, Park Street Mews had informed the organizers that they were not in a position to grant their venue for the event. This left the organizers of the event in a difficult situation because they had to take measures to shift the event to somewhere else at the last moment. 

This also happened in a context where Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thera, Convener of the Movement for a Just Society, had to distance himself from the activities of the common opposition due to medical reasons. Sobhitha Thera is stillr eceiving treatments at a private hospital in Malambe after an "alleged" meeting with three top echelons of the government at the house of a Parliamentarian who is officially representing the opposition.

It was obvious that Park Street Mews was compelled to cancel the reservation due to obvious 'political' reasons. Probably they did not want to get into trouble by facilitating the common opposition alliance which would pose a strong challenge to President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the forthcoming presidential election. 

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