'Big Fish' To Jump Into Opposition's Net Three Days Before The Election

November 24, 2014

It has now been revealed that the common opposition is now attempting to catch another big fish of Maithripala scale just two – three days before the presidential election. Although he is being trotted out by the ruling party at UPFA press conferences these days, his tone of discontent is somewhat explicit in his brief speeches.

The big fish is contemplating his breakaway due to an issue with one of the influential members of the ruling party who is connected by blood to the top. He is of the view that the influential member is interfering with his work as a “big wig” of the United People’s Freedom Alliance.

In addition to that, he is not dissatisfied with the ministry that was given to his at the past Cabinet reshuffle. He has told his close associates that he was demoted and shamed for no reason. The big fish’s belief is that his rise in the UPFA has become an eyesore to the powers that be.

The big fish, who was a resident of Huftsdorp back in the day, was brought into politics by CBK in her heyday. He soon climbed ladders of the political run and survived even under toughest circumstances after the ‘steering wheel’ of the SLFP was moved into the hands of the President. However, multiple media reports reported over the past few years that he was not happy with the present state of affairs.


The opposition, as little birds of Sirikotha told us, was extremely happy to hear the news of the ‘Big Fish’. However, they are keeping their fingers crossed as this big fish is always fishy and extra-careful when it comes to inter-party and intra-party ‘deals’ 

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