The Story Behind Danuna Thilakaratne's Sudden "Appearance" And Release!

December 19, 2014

Barely a week after Hashan Thilakaratne decided to pledge support to the President, his first cousin, Danuna Thilakaratne, who was in hiding for year, was produced before Colombo High Court today, just two and a half weeks before the presidential election.  Knowing the present state of affairs of the country, the decision took some quarters of the society by surprise as Danuna Thilakaratne was released on bail in a context where the former Army Commander was strongly supporting the candidature of Mithripala Sirisena, Common Candidate of the opposition. Some actually assumed that this was a move in the direction of demonstrating the so called judicial independence in the country ahead of a crucial election that has already become a heated contest.

However, in reality, Danuna Thilakaratne is losing ties with the Fonseka family due to certain reasons. However, this decision will anyway be beneficial for the Fonseka family as this would allow them to legally sort out some “unresolved issues” between the Fonsekas and Thilakaratne. And in the future, Danuna Thilakaratne importance in the political domain should be measured not as the son in law of Democratic Party Leader Sarath Fonseka, but as the first cousin of Hashan Thilakaratne who is now a supporter of the government.

So, it will not be a surprise if Thilakaratne extends his support to the election campaign of the ruling party, following the footsteps of his first cousin who has already become his ‘guardian angel’. But, the unresolved questions over his whereabouts since Fonseka's arrest still remain a mystery and probably the former Sri Lankan cricketer will demystify all that before the next presidential election.  

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