Joint Trade Unions Alliance May Day Rally Prevented By Court Order

Colombo Fort Magistrate today issued an order preventing the Joint Trade Unions Alliance from holding a May Day Rally at Hyde Park, Colombo or in adjacent places. 

Joint Trade Union Alliance is formed by more than 30 trade unions operating in various sectors. 

The Magistrate issued the order after considering a complaint filed by BOC workers union whose May Day rally too is to take place at the same location. BOC union stated said they reserved the venue first for the May Day rally after paying money to the Colombo Municipal Council. 

The trade union alliance challenged this claim stating that they have been holding their May Day rally at Hyde Park "for so many years, consistently." They accused the Colombo Municipal Council of politicking on the sly, by not making them aware of the reservation made by the BOC union. 

However, the Fort Magistrate gave the order on the grounds that the BOC union had made the payment first. 

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