Special Inquiry On Government MPs Who Hugged Anura Dissanayake

Highly placed political sources told 'Asian Mirror' that top echelons of the ruling party have launched a secret inquiry on ruling party Parliamentarians who "hugged and congratulated" JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake after his speech in Parliament on the Strategic Development Act. 

It was in the grapevine that some Parliamentarians of the UPFA, including a few Cabinet ministers, had hugged Anura Dissanayake as he came out of the house after his speech. In his speech, Dissanayake strongly criticized the top rung leaders of the government for keeping the rest of the Parliamentarians in the dark about what he termed as high profile deals of the government.

The government MPs who hugged Dissanayake had reportedly said that the JVP Leader’s speech was the best analysis of the Strategic Development Act and its negative impacts.

Meanwhile, another name-list has reportedly been sent to the Presidential Secretariat on the government members who were not present in Parliament when the vote on the Strategic Development Act was taken. The government had strictly instructed all its members to be present in Parliament during the vote as it came under severe attack from the members of the opposition. 

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